Welcome to the first Iteration Dev Log, a game being developed by us at This Side Up. Through these posts we plan to share with everyone our development progress in a weekly / bi-weekly schedule (depending on the actual work done, we are lazy) with each post covering all kinds of stuff, like programming miracles, the most epic of texture works and general game design.



 Now, about the thing we are actually doing this blog for, Iteration will be a first person exploring and puzzle solving game that challenge conventional knowledge about reality, all the while uncovering the story and purpose of the main character.

The story itself will be purposely hidden from the player from the start, and will be heavily reliant on environment hints and missable collectibles under the form of journal entries by unknown writers. The main idea is to make the player wonder about the world and main character throughout the whole of the game, using non-direct means of storytelling.



 There will be an item viewing system, similar to games like Gone Home and Soma, where the player can pick up, rotate, and zoom in on objects which are highlighted when being focused on. The actual method for highlighting isn’t yet 100% decided upon. Also worth mentioning is the capability to store up to 4 objects at once, for convenient access to the viewing mode without having to backtrack

Puzzles will be solved in various manners, like examining objects in search of clues, following environmental cues, or simply trying everything in a given situation, like walking backwards when in an infinite corridor loop. Thinking outside the box is a requirement most of the time.



The art style is realistic, with a modern look and feel. Not a lot to say in this regard, as there is still a lot to do before it’s “GIF ready”.

And with that the post comes to an end, but work does not, see you next week with more updates!

Iteration VR