To commemorate the birth of our new website, it’s time to talk about ourselves and our project. Self centered? Maybe, but we feel that you guys and girls should know a bit more about the people behind Iteration than just their first and last names.

We are three guys, freshly graduated, who attended the same course in college, Apps and Games Development, where we also met for the first time. But it wasn’t a magical dreamlike scenario where we immediately hit it off as a team and thought Iteration up. Nope. Even if we ended up in the same group of friends, we didn't even group up for college work. Not that we intended to avoid it, it just kinda happened, kept happening throughout the freshmen year.

On our second year, me (João) and André partnered up for the first time. No, it wasn't magical either, just OK, and definitely better than my previous group experience. David wasn't working with us at that time, but we started making plans for working together as a team during the second semester.

Third year started and we, now banded as an official group, had to decide what game should we make for our final year project. The process didn’t take long thought: David pitched us an idea he had been working on his summer break. It involved optical illusion prototypes, a narrative focused on artificial intelligence, and our first working portals. Yes, that was the birth of ‘Iteration’, at the time named ‘The Chinese Room’.

 Environment changes 

Environment changes 

 First functioning portals

First functioning portals

In case you are wondering, no, ‘The Chinese Room’ was not a VR game. Although we wanted to make a VR game, we did not have neither the funds to buy a headset and a compatible computer (college didn’t have any we could borrow or use) nor did we feel ready to implement a type of technology that was completely new to us. As such, we made a PC only prototype for our first semester, testing our main mechanics and proving our concept, briefly showing a very basic version of a VR demo, one made with the help of a fellow colleague and friend who let us use his equipment.

Then something unexpected happened, something that would shape the future of our game. Tiago, one of our teachers, offered us an internship at his VR focused company: Collide. We were thrilled at the prospect, even more when he said we would be working on developing the VR version of ‘The Chinese Room’. We promptly accepted, and with his guidance, ‘The Chinese Room’ became ‘Iteration’, an 100% Virtual Reality game!

Second term came, and sleep deprivation too. Remember our hesitation to learn Virtual Reality development? Yeah, it was (and still is) a constant and time consuming one. Mind you, we love a good challenge and also VR, but we love sleeping every day too, and between the many unrelated college projects, having to learn game design principles and programing associated with VR, as well as striving to build playable demos to showcase at national and international events alike, sleep time was often less than desirable. We trudged through though, accomplishing most of our goals and finishing our graduation year with success, and with a complete vertical slice of ‘Iteration’.

Flash forward to now. Stardate -269253.991, Collide’s office, currently working towards building a polished demo to fully showcase our game in the short term. Sleeping has, once again, a reserved slot in our schedule, and we are now able to fully commit to making the best out of ‘Iteration’.


Expect us!

Iteration VR